Make an impact on the environment with a meaningful career.

A Job With a Purpose

Sustainability meets career growth: Work with sustainable lithium extraction at Lithium Harvest.

Working at Lithium Harvest means being part of a team of the world’s most talented people in an enriching environment, constantly pushing toward the next level to produce critical minerals for the green energy transition more sustainably and efficiently.

We understand that the fight against climate change is one of the greatest global challenges of the 21st century. That is why we need talented people like you on the team to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by decarbonizing energy use by producing high-quality, environmentally responsible lithium products.

Join our team at Lithium Harvest, and be part of a company dedicated to positively impacting our environment and future. We offer exciting career opportunities in a dynamic, innovative work environment that values diversity, creativity, and collaboration. You will be able to work across functions, countries, and cultures, gaining new perspectives and contributing to a common goal. Apply now and start a fulfilling career with a purpose.

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Job with a purpose for the green energy transition

Shape the Future with Us

Join us in our journey towards a circular and responsible battery value chain.

Lithium Harvest in Numbers

Why Work With Us?

Join Lithium Harvest to turn waste into high-value minerals and promote sustainability.

Our start-up mentality values creativity and innovation while providing flexibility for a better work-life balance. Shape the future and empower the green energy transition with us.

  • For a better future

    Join Lithium Harvest in creating a better future. We turn waste into high-value minerals, contributing to the acceleration of the green transition and promoting sustainability. By choosing a career with us, you can find personal value and comfort in knowing you are positively impacting the environment. We are looking for individuals willing to take on the challenge of changing the future and advancing new technology. Be a part of our team and help empower the green energy transition while contributing to creating a more sustainable world.

  • Start-up mentality

    At Lithium Harvest, we embody a start-up mentality that encourages creativity, independence, and an agile mindset. Our fast-paced environment provides ample opportunities for personal and professional development. We are looking for individuals willing to take bold chances and push the boundaries of innovation and technology. If you have an edge for innovation and enjoy creative thinking, join our team and help shape the future

  • Flexibility

    Join our team at Lithium Harvest and enjoy the flexibility to work from anywhere. We value employees who are quick to adjust and accept new directions, ensuring we always stay ahead of the curve. We understand that work-life balance is important, and we strive to create an environment that supports it. Join us and enjoy the freedom to work in a way that suits your lifestyle while positively impacting the environment.


Find quick and comprehensive answers to common questions about joining our team.

Please reach out if you have unanswered questions.

  • How about lunch?

    Luckily, we have a lunch arrangement you are more than welcome to participate in. Our food arrangement offers new weekly menus consisting of exciting, fresh, and sustainable dishes.

  • How about parking?

    At our facilities, we believe in providing convenience and accessibility for all our employees. That is why we offer free parking options, whether you arrive in an electric vehicle, a regular vehicle, or even if you prefer to cycle. We understand the importance of accommodating different modes of transportation and promoting sustainable commuting choices. Whether you are looking to charge your electric vehicle, park your car hassle-free, or secure your bicycle, our free parking facilities are designed to meet your needs. Enjoy the convenience and peace of mind knowing that parking is one less thing to worry about while you are busy pushing toward the next level with us.

  • What about social activities?

    At our company, we foster a dynamic start-up mentality that fuels ambition and propels individuals to reach new heights. However, we understand the significance of building a strong sense of fellowship and a vibrant company culture. That's why we emphasize creating social activities that bring our team together and foster meaningful connections.

    We believe that social activities provide an opportunity for our employees to unwind and have fun and play a crucial role in shaping our unique company culture. From team-building exercises and group outings to social events and themed parties, we encourage our employees to actively participate and contribute to creating a lively and inclusive atmosphere.

    By engaging in these social activities, our team members can forge strong bonds, break down barriers, and collaborate in a relaxed setting. Through these shared experiences, we build a supportive and inspiring environment, fueling creativity, innovation, and mutual support.

    At our company, we firmly believe that a healthy work-life balance and a sense of belonging are vital to the success and satisfaction of our team members. By organizing various social activities, we empower our employees to be driven toward professional growth and shape the culture that defines our organization.

    Join us on this exciting journey, where work and play seamlessly intertwine, and together, let's create a thriving community that elevates us to the next level of success.

Job Openings

Project Manager

  1. Lead and Manage Large-Scale Projects: Oversee lithium extraction facilities from start to finish, ensuring successful project delivery through effective contract management, cost estimation, and team leadership.
  2. Innovate and Collaborate: Develop and implement project management guidelines, coordinate cross-functional teams, and participate in the Global Project Facility Team to drive project success and sustainability.
  3. Contribute to a Sustainable Future: Join a pioneering industry leader in Aalborg, Denmark, and play a vital role in transforming waste into valuable resources through innovative lithium extraction technology.

Senior Process Engineer

  1. Lead and Innovate in Process Engineering: Drive process research and development for sustainable lithium extraction, oversee the Process Team and interns, and propose engineering enhancements to improve capabilities and processes.
  2. Collaborate and Engage: Work closely with universities, clients, and suppliers to ensure effective engagement, provide technical guidance, and foster continuous improvement in all operations.
  3. Shape a Sustainable Future: Join a pioneering company in Aalborg, Denmark, and play a crucial role in transforming waste into valuable resources, contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.

Process Engineer

  1. Design and Optimize Processes: Develop and maintain Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs) and Pipe & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs), ensuring optimal performance of sustainable lithium extraction processes through simulation and equipment specifications.
  2. Collaborate and Document: Work closely with the water treatment unit operations team, prepare essential engineering documentation, and provide detailed process descriptions to support the Automation Department.
  3. Drive Innovation and Sustainability: Join a pioneering team in Aalborg, Denmark, and contribute to revolutionary lithium extraction technology, playing a crucial role in advancing environmental sustainability and cleaner future solutions.

Automation Engineer/Programmer

  1. Lead Automation Programming: Develop software, test plans, user requirements, and system design documents while executing all automation programming tasks for innovative lithium extraction projects.
  2. Oversee Onsite Commissioning: Create detailed function diagrams, maintain comprehensive documentation, and manage onsite commissioning of automation systems, ensuring seamless integration with PLC, SCADA, and HMI platforms.
  3. Innovate and Collaborate: Join a pioneering team in Aalborg, Denmark, contributing to sustainable lithium extraction technology and collaborating with project and engineering teams to drive environmental sustainability and industry innovation.

Electrical Engineer

  1. Design and Optimize Electrical Systems: Create detailed electrical diagrams and large electrical layouts for lithium extraction facilities using SEE Electrical, ensuring system efficiency and reliability.
  2. Collaborate and Integrate: Work closely with project and automation teams to seamlessly integrate electrical systems, oversee equipment purchases, and ensure accurate and up-to-date documentation.
  3. Drive Innovation and Compliance: Stay informed about UL documentation and requirements, optimize electrical systems, and contribute to cutting-edge, sustainable lithium extraction projects in Aalborg, Denmark.