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Plug into the future of lithium mining with an investment in Lithium Harvest's sustainable solution.

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Revolutionizing the Lithium Mining Industry

Invest in Sustainable Lithium Extraction

Welcome to Lithium Harvest, a Sustainable Projects Group (SPGX) subsidiary - listed on the OTC. As the global transition towards green energy gains momentum, there is an exponential rise in demand for lithium, a vital component in electric vehicle batteries and renewable energy storage systems. This surge in demand, coupled with the Inflation Reduction Act accelerating EV supply chain development in the United States, presents an unprecedented investment opportunity.

However, traditional methods of lithium extraction are neither sustainable nor environmentally friendly. At Lithium Harvest, we have harnessed cutting-edge technology to extract lithium from oilfield wastewater, effectively transforming waste into a valuable resource. Through this breakthrough process, we can rapidly and cost-effectively produce lithium compounds and other critical minerals while minimizing the environmental impact. By implementing our sustainable extraction process, we save over 500,000 gallons of fresh water and reduce CO₂ emissions by 15,000 kg per metric ton of lithium carbonate produced. Our technology is the fastest to market and lowest cost of any lithium mining technology in the market.

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond resource efficiency. We aspire to create the world's most sustainable lithium, a crucial element for facilitating the green energy transition. Using our technology, we estimate that battery life-cycle emissions can be cut by more than 50%, demonstrating our dedication to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Investing in our company means investing in the future of green energy. As the world faces a lithium shortage, our innovative technology and sustainable practices position us as the solution to the growing demand. Join us in our mission to revolutionize the lithium mining industry while positively impacting the environment. Together, we can pave the way for a greener, more sustainable future.

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We believe that our patented technology is the fastest to market and lowest cost of any lithium mining technology in the market.
Sune Mathiesen, Chairman & CEO

Corporate Presentation

  1. Unveiling the Future: Discover how Lithium Harvest is poised to shape the energy industry's future with our innovative technology and solution.
  2. Driving the Green Energy Revolution: Explore the vital role of lithium in driving the global green energy transition and how Lithium Harvest is at the forefront of this transformation.
  3. Seizing Market Opportunities: Gain insights into the current market situation, technology benchmarking, and vast market opportunities.

Please see our corporate presentation from March 2024.

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Why Invest in Lithium Harvest?

Overall, investing in Lithium Harvest represents an opportunity to be part of a company that is driving innovation, sustainability, and growth in the lithium mining industry.

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  • Capturing Value in a High Growth Market

    At Lithium Harvest, we are uniquely positioned to leverage the seismic shifts occurring in the lithium market - a sector at the heart of the global green energy transition. The demand for lithium, driven by the surging adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and the expansion of renewable energy storage solutions, is on an unprecedented upward trajectory. Here's why the high-growth market of lithium makes Lithium Harvest an investment of unparalleled potential:

    Exponential Demand Growth

    The demand for lithium doubled between 2019 and 2021, driven by the acceleration of electric vehicles (EVs) and batteries needed for energy storage. Projections indicate that this demand will quadruple from 2022 to 2030, with a staggering ninefold increase expected by 2040. Lithium's critical role in powering the future of transportation and renewable energy storage, laying a solid foundation for Lithium Harvest's strategic market positioning, is fueling this explosive growth.

    The World is Facing a Lithium Shortage

    The International Energy Agency predicts a lithium shortage by 2025, highlighting the urgent need for increased lithium production. This forecasted gap between supply and demand underscores the strategic importance of investing in innovative and sustainable lithium extraction technologies like those pioneered by Lithium Harvest.

    Sustainable Lithium: A Strategic Imperative

    As the demand for lithium soars, so does the call for sustainability. Traditional extraction methods face critical environmental challenges, leading to a significant shift towards more sustainable practices. Lithium Harvest stands at the forefront of this transition, employing proprietary technologies to extract lithium from oilfield wastewater - minimizing environmental impact and capitalizing on the growing demand for responsibly sourced lithium.

    A Competitive Edge in a Transforming Market

    Our commitment to sustainable lithium extraction addresses environmental concerns and positions us as a preferred supplier in a market where sustainability is becoming a critical metric for supply agreements, making the supply/demand imbalance even more. With major players in the EV and tech industries prioritizing responsibly sourced lithium, Lithium Harvest is poised to capture a significant market share, offering a compelling value proposition for investors.

    Riding the Wave of Battery and EV Market Expansion

    The Inflation Reduction Act in the U.S. has catalyzed the EV supply chain, with battery manufacturing capacity expected to reach 750 GWh by 2025 and nearly 1300 GWh by 2030 - a 13-fold rise compared to today's output of 100 GWh (Benchmark Mineral Intelligence). This expansion is mirrored globally, with the European Union also experiencing a surge in battery manufacturing capacities. As EV sales are forecasted to reach new heights, the demand for lithium will continue to escalate, providing a lucrative growth avenue for Lithium Harvest.

    A Visionary Investment Opportunity

    The global shift towards renewable energy and electric mobility is more than a trend—it's a fundamental transformation of how we power our world. Investing in Lithium Harvest is an opportunity to join a visionary company responding to market demands and actively shaping the future of sustainable lithium extraction.

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  • Unique & Patented Technology

    Our unique and patented approach to extracting lithium from oilfield wastewater aligns with several of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and offers a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way of producing this critical mineral for the green energy transition.

    Together, we can revolutionize the lithium mining industry with the world's most sustainable lithium at competitive prices.

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  • The Fastest, Most Cost-Effective Solution on the Market

    At Lithium Harvest, we stand at the leading edge of the lithium mining sector, not just participating but actively reshaping it with our patented technology - we have revolutionized the industry by utilizing cutting-edge technology to extract lithium from oilfield wastewater, effectively turning waste into a valuable resource. We take pride in the fact that our proprietary Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) combined with an advanced water treatment process is not only the fastest route from resource to market but also the most cost-effective among the array of lithium mining technologies available today.

    Our groundbreaking approach redefines efficiency, bypassing the lengthy and costly stages that characterize traditional mining methods. With Lithium Harvest's technology, the journey from brine to battery-grade lithium compounds is streamlined to an unprecedented two-hour timeframe. This rapid production capability uniquely positions us to meet the surging demand for lithium with agility and speed.

    Moreover, the economic advantages of our technology are equally impressive. Our modular and mobile extraction units drastically reduce both capital and operational expenditures. By minimizing the need for extensive infrastructure and the associated environmental disturbance, we achieve cost savings that set new industry benchmarks.

    This combination of speed and cost-efficiency is more than just a competitive edge - it's a transformative force. It allows us to supply the ever-growing battery market with a sustainable supply of lithium, enabling a future where clean energy and transportation are not only viable but thriving.

  • Experienced Team

    Our team of industry experts and professionals have decades of experience in the mining industry and wastewater management, together with a track record of success in building and growing companies. We are dedicated to delivering results for our shareholders.

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