Produced Water Treatment

Turn your wastewater into a revenue stream with sustainable lithium extraction.

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Produced Water Treatment In Oil And Gas Industry

Transforming Produced Water into Profit: Sustainable Lithium Extraction

Welcome to Lithium Harvest: Revolutionize your wastewater management with our produced water treatment technology for direct lithium extraction.

Unlock New Revenue Streams with Our Innovative Solution

Revolutionize water management by transforming produced water into a valuable resource and new revenue streams. Our innovative Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) process, combined with advanced water treatment, cost-efficiently extracts lithium and other minerals from produced water, boosting your profitability and minimizing environmental impact - even highly commercial at lower lithium concentrations.

But that is not all – we go a step further by optimizing water reuse for civil purposes or disposal into reservoirs, adhering to local regulations. With us, you unlock dual benefits: sustainable lithium extraction and versatile water reuse options, ensuring sustainable operation and profitability go hand in hand.

Experience, Compliance, and a Commitment to Sustainability You Can Trust

Benefit from our 20-year expertise in water treatment and proven technology partnerships - We bring tried-and-tested knowledge to the table, ensuring reliable and efficient lithium extraction. Stay ahead in a world prioritizing ESG regulations and resource security by choosing our solution and aligning with stringent environmental regulations.

Seamless Integration and Quick Deployment

Lithium Harvest offers a hassle-free experience. We operate the extraction plant, integrating seamlessly with your existing infrastructure without disruption. Our solution transforms produced water into a lucrative asset with fast deployment and quick returns - a fast track to tap into the booming lithium market.

Diversify and Lead in the Energy Transition: Join the Sustainable Lithium Revolution

Partner with Lithium Harvest and diversify into the rapidly growing lithium market. Transform waste into wealth and lead the way as a forward-thinking energy provider. Contact us to explore the full potential of your produced water and tap into various attractive business scenarios with us in a lucrative world of sustainable lithium extraction.

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Why Lithium Harvest?

Unlock the full potential of your produced water with Lithium Harvest's comprehensive package.

Overall, Lithium Harvest offers a comprehensive package that includes advanced technology, repurposing opportunities, revenue generation, and a commitment to regulatory compliance and social responsibility. By partnering with us for sustainable lithium extraction from produced water treatment, you can benefit from cutting-edge solutions that address environmental challenges and contribute to your operational efficiency, profitability, and sustainability goals.

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  • Proven Technology for Waste-To-Value & Water Treatment Experts

    At Lithium Harvest, we're not just a tech or product provider; we're a dedicated lithium extraction company with a solid foundation of over 20 years in water treatment engineering and process design. Our team of seasoned experts marries extensive industry knowledge with cutting-edge technology, delivering unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness in lithium extraction from produced water.

    Furthermore, our commitment to excellence extends to our partnerships with industry leaders. Through collaborations with proven technology providers, we've solidified relationships with partners capable of producing an impressive 70,000 tons of lithium carbonate annually. These partnerships underscore our dedication to delivering proven and reliable technologies for extracting lithium from produced water for the green energy transition.

    But we don't stop at being water treatment specialists; we pride ourselves on our unique ability to transform waste into value. Beyond conventional treatment methods, we've mastered the art of extracting critical metals from treated produced water, effectively converting it into a lucrative, revenue-generating resource. This transformative approach positions us at the forefront of the industry, offering a comprehensive solution that not only maximizes the potential of produced water but also aligns seamlessly with sustainability principles.

    With Lithium Harvest, you gain access to a trusted team of experts, a wealth of experience, and a holistic approach that empowers you to unlock the full potential of produced water for continuous revenue streams and actively engage in sustainable resource management. 

  • Revenue Generation From Produced Water Treatment

    Lithium Harvest not only treats produced water and offers versatile repurposing options but also specializes in extracting critical metals essential for the green energy revolution, like lithium. Our innovative approach transforms wastewater into a continuous revenue stream, providing a lucrative business case we are eager to share with you. By partnering with us, you can diversify your business and play a pivotal role in advancing the circular economy while enhancing profitability and embracing environmental sustainability.

  • Repurposing Opportunities: Maximize the Value of Produced Water

    Lithium Harvest offers the unique advantage of repurposing treated produced water. Our innovative approach enables the water to be repurposed for various applications, such as freshwater supply, irrigation, or re-injection. This reduces the strain on disposal infrastructure and maximizes the value and utility of produced water as a valuable resource.

  • Regulatory Compliance & Social Responsibility

    Lithium Harvest understands the importance of regulatory compliance and social license in the oil and gas industry. Our produced water treatment solutions help you meet and exceed regulatory requirements, ensuring responsible environmental practices. By choosing Lithium Harvest, you can demonstrate your commitment to sustainable water management and gain the trust and support of stakeholders.

  • Fast Deployment & Easy Operation: Hassle-Free Solution for Your Needs

    In a rapidly evolving landscape, adaptability and efficiency are more crucial than ever. Our lithium extraction solution is designed to simplify your life with fast deployment, a small and flexible footprint, easy integration, and uninterrupted operation. Here’s how:

    Fast Deployment

    Time is precious, and we understand the need for quick project implementation. With our streamlined processes, fine-tuned through 20 years of industry experience and cutting-edge partnerships, we aim for a project implementation time of around one year. 

    Small and Flexible Footprint

    In industrial settings where space is at a premium, our solution is designed to occupy as little room as possible. The equipment for each plant is fully modularized to facilitate easy transportation and rapid deployment, making the most of available space without compromising on system performance.

    Easy Operation

    We will operate the lithium extraction plant - easy, right?

    Easy Integration and Uninterrupted Operation

    Your existing infrastructure shouldn’t be a roadblock to adopting new technologies. Our solution is built to integrate seamlessly into your current operations, eliminating the need for a complete overhaul. Moreover, we prioritize reliability to minimize costly downtime, aiming for continuous, uninterrupted operation that you can count on.

From Waste to Value: Cutting-Edge Process for Produced Water Treatment

From byproduct to valuable resource: Lithium Harvest's game-changing produced water treatment process for lithium extraction.

Lithium Harvest employs an advanced and efficient process to transform produced water into a valuable resource, revolutionizing how it is managed in the oil and gas industry. Our innovative approach harnesses cutting-edge technology and expertise to treat the produced water to a high standard, ensuring its suitability for various beneficial repurposing applications.

Through our advanced process, Lithium Harvest ensures that produced water is not treated as waste but transformed into a valuable resource, aligning with sustainability and circular economy principles. By efficiently treating and repurposing produced water, we contribute to responsible water management, reduce the strain on disposal infrastructure, reduce freshwater supply, and support the transition to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

  1. Collection: Produced water, a by-product of oil and gas extraction, is carefully collected from wells or midstream companies and brought to our treatment facility.
  2. Filtration and Separation: The collected produced water undergoes a comprehensive filtration and separation process. This step removes suspended solids, hydrocarbons, heavy metals, and other contaminants in the water.
  3. Advanced Water Treatment: Our state-of-the-art treatment technologies are employed to further purify and desalinate the water. Advanced techniques are utilized to remove remaining impurities and ensure the water meets high-quality standards.
  4. Resource Extraction: As part of our commitment to sustainability and the green energy transition, we extract critical metals and minerals from the treated water. This value-added step allows us to maximize the utilization of the produced water.
  5. Repurposing: The treated water, now clean and free from contaminants, is ready for beneficial repurposing. It can be utilized for various applications, including freshwater supply for industrial or agricultural needs, irrigation, re-injection into oil and gas reservoirs, or other environmentally sustainable uses.

Simple, right? And we will operate the whole plant!

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Lithium Harvest Lithium Extraction Process

An Innovative Solution to Tackle Produced Water Challenges

Unlock the power of collaboration with Lithium Harvest to tackle challenges in produced water management.

Addressing these challenges requires a combination of technical innovation, cost and operational efficiency improvements, regulatory compliance, and proactive environmental stewardship. 

A collaboration between Lithium Harvest and you will foster an effective solution to manage and mitigate some of the challenges associated with produced water.

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  • Contaminants & Treatment: Surpass Others With Our Advanced Technology

    Turning waste into clean resources: Lithium Harvest's advanced treatment technology.

    Produced water often contains contaminants such as hydrocarbons, heavy metals, dissolved solids, and chemicals used in drilling and production processes. Treating this water to meet regulatory standards and environmental requirements can be complex and costly. Overcoming these challenges requires the development of effective treatment methods that can handle the diverse range of contaminants found in produced water while also being economically viable.

    Lithium Harvest takes pride in its advanced technology that surpasses others in treating produced water, delivering an output of exceptional cleanliness. Our cutting-edge processes ensure that the treated water is of such high quality that it can be repurposed for various applications, like freshwater, irrigation, or re-injection. Moreover, while providing a sustainable solution for produced water, we turn your wastewater into a revenue stream by extracting critical metals crucial for the green energy transition, making it economically viable.

    Cleaner water and critical metals for a more sustainable future together. 

  • Cost & Operational Efficiency: Utilize Resources & Maximize Output

    Treating produced water involves significant costs, including investment in treatment infrastructure, equipment, chemicals, and operational expenses. Balancing the need for cost-effective treatment while ensuring compliance with regulations and meeting water quality standards is a constant challenge. Optimizing treatment processes and reducing costs without compromising effectiveness is a priority.

    By cooperating with Lithium Harvest, we take care of the treatment of produced water while enhancing your operation. With our innovative approach, we optimize the use of resources and maximize output, providing a more efficient and cost-effective solution for treating produced water. By partnering with Lithium Harvest, you can significantly enhance your operational efficiency while meeting regulatory standards and succeed environmental requirements.

  • Disposal & Environmental Impact: Game-Changing Solution With Lithium Harvest

    Disposal of treated or untreated produced water safely is a challenge for oil companies and midstream providers. Injecting the water into underground wells (injection wells) is a common disposal method, but it requires proper well maintenance, monitoring, and adherence to regulations to prevent contamination of freshwater aquifers. Identifying sustainable and environmentally friendly disposal methods or exploring beneficial reuse options are ongoing challenges. 

    Lithium Harvest offers a game-changing solution to address these challenges. Our advanced technology treats produced water to a high standard, making it suitable for various beneficial repurposes. By harnessing our expertise, oil companies and midstream providers can transform their produced water into a valuable resource. The treated water can be utilized for freshwater supply, irrigation purposes, or even re-injection into oil and gas reservoirs, thus minimizing excessive disposal.

    The innovative approach taken by Lithium Harvest not only tackles the disposal dilemma but also contributes to sustainable water management practices. By cleaning and repurposing the produced water, we alleviate the strain on disposal wells, which are already in short supply. Furthermore, our solution aligns with the urgent need to conserve freshwater resources, as the treated water can be used instead of scarce freshwater supplies for various industrial and agricultural needs.

    Through our commitment to treating and repurposing produced water, Lithium Harvest offers a comprehensive solution that improves the disposal and environmental impact of the oil and gas industry. By maximizing the value of this byproduct, we help minimize the reliance on disposal wells, reduce environmental risks, and alleviate the pressure on freshwater sources. With Lithium Harvest's technology, oil companies and midstream providers can transform a challenge into an opportunity for sustainable resource utilization, contributing to a more environmentally conscious future.

  • Regulatory Compliance & Social License: Strengthen Your Position With Our Technology

    Regulatory compliance and social license are paramount considerations for the oil and gas industry when it comes to produced water management. The landscape of environmental regulations is complex and constantly evolving, requiring oil companies and midstream providers to stay vigilant in meeting discharge standards and maintaining permits. Furthermore, the industry faces growing pressure to operate environmentally responsibly and secure social licenses from stakeholders who prioritize sustainable water management practices.

    Lithium Harvest plays a crucial role in helping improve regulatory compliance and social license in produced water management. With our innovative technology and processes, we empower midstream companies to optimize their water intake and expand their operations. By treating the produced water to a high standard, we facilitate the transformation of wastewater into a valuable resource, minimizing the need for disposal and ensuring regulatory compliance. 

    Moreover, our approach to turning produced water into a valuable resource aligns with sustainability principles and the green energy transition. By extracting critical metals from the treated water, we contribute to the supply chain for renewable energy technologies and demonstrate a commitment to circular economy principles. This transformation of wastewater into high-value resources enhances the social license of oil companies and midstream providers by showcasing their dedication to responsible environmental practices and sustainable resource utilization.

    Lithium Harvest's innovative solution not only addresses the challenges of regulatory compliance but also strengthens the social license of the oil and gas industry. By reducing reliance on disposal wells, treating the produced water to succeed regulatory standards, and repurposing it into valuable resources, we assist oil companies and midstream providers in achieving their environmental goals and securing public trust. Our technology paves the way for a more sustainable and socially responsible future in produced water management.

Fueling Green Futures: Become a Forward-Thinking Energy Provider

Diversify your operations, drive profitability, and embrace the green energy transition with Lithium Harvest.

In an era where lithium demand has skyrocketed, driven by the electric vehicle and renewable energy markets, Lithium Harvest offers a unique opportunity for oil and gas companies to diversify and participate in the transition to green energy. As the oil and gas industry navigates this shifting energy paradigm, exploring new avenues for revenue generation and environmental sustainability is essential. We specialize in extracting lithium from produced water, a byproduct of oil production, turning environmental challenges into profitable solutions. What makes this opportunity even more compelling is the link between oil production and lithium extraction from produced water. With Lithium Harvest, you can leverage your existing oil production infrastructure to unlock the value of produced water by extracting valuable critical mineral resources.

We are ready to partner with oil companies and midstream providers, offering tailored business scenarios to suit your unique needs. Our innovative solution ensures profitable operations, even with low-content lithium resources. This strategic collaboration not only tackles produced water management but also aligns your business with the growing lithium market, reinforcing your position as a forward-thinking energy provider.

Join Lithium Harvest in shaping a sustainable future. Our expertise and commitment to regulatory compliance guarantee a seamless integration of lithium extraction into your operations, paving the way for a greener, more prosperous tomorrow.

Unleash the potential of the energy transition
Sustainable Lithium Extraction For The Green Energy Transition

Turn your wastewater into a revenue stream

  1. Waste to Profit: Transform your wastewater into a lucrative asset with our innovative lithium extraction technology.
  2. Versatile Reuse Options: Our solution enables the reuse of treated water for various civil purposes, such as irrigation, freshwater supply, or re-injection – unlocking dual benefits.
  3. Fast Deployment & Immediate Returns: With our solution, there is no need for lengthy building, installation, or permitting processes – a fast track to tap into the booming lithium market.
  4. Hassle-Free Experience: We are operating the lithium extraction plant, integrating seamlessly with your existing infrastructure without any disruption - easy, right?

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